Hit Aviation Television Series, Straight and Level, Debuts Season 2 Premiere on September 23rd

Hit Aviation Television Series, Straight and Level, Debuts Season 2 Premiere on September 23rd
Straight and Level Returns for Thirteen Episodes with The September 23rd Season Premiere
Featuring the Experimental Aircraft Association’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 Airshow.

FORT WORTH (September 20, 2021) – Following the success of Assent Media + Entertainment’s hit television
program Straight and Level in the Thursday 3 p.m. ET time slot and on streaming in the spring, a full season will kick
off on September 23rd, followed by 12 new weekly episodes. “Oshkosh 21: The State of Aviation”, the season
premiere episode chronicles the return to glory of the 2021 EAA AirVenture after missing 2020 due to Covid. “A
behind the scenes look at the passion of the Aviation World through the eyes of the Aviation families that attended
the event is a tremendous first episode to kick off the fall season. Like a phoenix rising from the COVID pandemic,
Aviation is back!” said show creator and Executive Producer W. Hulsey Smith. Straight and Level will air each week
through December 23rd, 2021, on the AWE Network. “We are excited to kick off our long-term relationship with
Assent Media + Entertainment and start the season off right on September 23rd with an episode that really speaks to
the importance of both Aviation in America and the Experimental Aircraft Association. ” said Charles Herring,
President of The AWE Network.

“Straight and Level” Program Schedule: First 3 Episodes
September 23 – The State of Aviation in 2021: Season Premier, Featuring EAA AirVenture 2021
September 30 – On the Wings of Angels, S2 – Episode No. 2, Featuring Angel Flight
October 7 – Flight Training in the 21st Century, Episode No. 3, Featuring Palomar Aviation

Throughout the second season of Straight and Level, the team will explore 21st Century Aviation Technology and
the positive affect aviation has on humanity. From flight training to historic aircraft to aviation education and
supersonic flight, the Straight and Level team is focused on bringing aviation centric humanistic stories to life. “The
golden age of aviation isn’t over, people just stopped paying attention, and our focus for Straight and Level is to bring
the joy and love of flying back to the forefront of conversation.” said W. Hulsey Smith, Executive Producer and
President of Assent Media + Entertainment.

“Straight and Level” will feature and highlight topics related to aviation news and information, including aircraft
profiles, aircraft for sale, aircraft markets, aviator information, segments on aircraft operations, how to purchase
aircraft, and how to sell aircraft, along with general aviation interest stories as well.
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Straight and Level is produced by Assent Media + Entertainment, a Fort Worth, Texas based media house, and Smith
Family Capital company. Executive Producers for Assent Media + Entertainment are W. Hulsey Smith and Ahrev
Chinarian Smith, along with Producer Pete Isert of Crestone, Inc. To learn more, go to http://www.StraightandLevel.TV

About Assent Media + Entertainment
Assent Media + Entertainment is a family-owned company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and is a subsidiary
of Assent Aeronautics. Assent Media + Entertainment is a global leader in aviation and technology production and
entertainment serving a passionate aviation centric audience. We self-identify as a collective of AvNerds and
AvGeeks and exist to bring compelling aerospace content and entertainment to aviation superfans worldwide. Assent
Media + Entertainment is a leading provider of relevant, premium aviation and technology news and docudrama
content across all screens. Current programing includes the hit television series Straight and Level, along with Live
broadcast productions of the Assent Live Private Aircraft Auction Series, and several other series currently in
development. For more information, visit http://www.assentaero.com/tv and follow @assentaero across social platforms.

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AWE, A Wealth of Entertainment, is a 24/7 lifestyle and entertainment national cable channel. AWE delivers what
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June 1, 2004, AWE was one of the first all high-definition networks in the United States. AWE is distributed by leading
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