Assent’s roots date back to managing our family flight department in the 1940s. After 70 years of family aircraft ownership and numerous requests from companies and individuals to manage their aircraft, Assent was founded in 2004. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of owners and operators maximize dispatch reliability and safety while saving money through more efficient expense forecasting and expert technical supervision.

What We Do

For clients who demand certainty, Assent Aeronautics provides aircraft acquisition and sales, aircraft management, and airframe & engine maintenance, services delivering 24/7/365 support worldwide with knowledgeable experts who answer the phone day and night.

The Assent Difference

Fundamental Transparency

Our hyper-focus on data—including financials, metrics, budget, performance & projections—allows you to make data-driven decisions for your flight operations just as you do in your business. Every expense. Every decision. Every time.

Exceptional Value Through Family Values

Assent gives you access to the advantages of large scale, world class corporate flight operations. We do that by putting our decades of experience operating our family’s flight operation and those of others to work for you. The Assent difference maximizes your efficiency and peace-of-mind by minimizing your risk and responsibilities in managing day-to-day aircraft operations.

Our Safety Culture

We hold our pilots, mechanics, and operations team to a simple but universally high standard: to treat all aspects of the aircraft and every flight as if our family is onboard, because with Assent, you are family.

That is not just our goal, that is our culture. No exceptions.

Our Mission

Assent’s mission is to provide safe, secure and integrated air transportation services for our clients with transparency, precision, and efficiency.

Our Vision

Deliver Certainty. Eliminate the mystery, hassle and superfluous cost of aircraft ownership by innovating the way the aviation industry does business through transparency, precision and efficiency, and by supporting every aircraft as we do our own.

Core Values

 Unyielding Integrity
 Complete Transparency
 Discipline in Detail
 Highly Responsive
 Meticulously Safe
 Heroically Anticipatory
 Servant Hearted
 Continuously Innovative
 Maximizing Personnel Potential


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