About Us: Assent Aeronautics is a family owned company, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. We are a collective of Aviators simply dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in the Art of Flying, Maintaining, and Operating Aircraft.

What We Do: For clients who demand certainty, Assent Aeronautics provides aircraft acquisition and sales, aircraft management, and airframe & engine maintenance, services delivering 24/7/365 support worldwide with knowledgeable experts who answer the phone day and night.

Our Safety Culture: We hold our pilots, mechanics, and operations team to a simple but universally high standard: to treat all aspects of the aircraft and every flight as if our family is onboard, because with Assent, you are family.

That is not just our goal, that is our culture. No exceptions.

Our Mission: Assent’s mission is to provide safe, secure and integrated air transportation services for our clients with transparency, precision, and efficiency.

Our Vision: Deliver Certainty. Eliminate the mystery, hassle and superfluous cost of aircraft ownership by innovating the way the aviation industry does business through transparency, precision and efficiency, and by supporting every aircraft as we do our own.

Core Values:

  • Unyielding Integrity.
  • Complete Transparency.
  • Discipline in Detail.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Meticulously Safe.
  • Heroically Anticipatory.
  • Servant Hearted.
  • Continuously Innovative.
  • Maximizing Personnel Potential.

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