ASSENT DELIVERS CERTAINTY in the aircraft acquisition and aircraft disposition process through Technical Expertise, Transparency, Knowledge, and Data Driven Strategy.

Transaction Advisory Services Include:
Representation of Aircraft Buyers – Aircraft Acquisition Representation
Representation of Aircraft Sellers – Aircraft Listing and Disposition Representation
Request an Offer – Assent Aircraft Inventory Acquisitions for Turbine Aircraft

Technical Expertise: We own and operate our own aircraft, so we not only lend our expertise as a full-service aircraft brokerage firm, but as subject matter experts in aircraft maintenance and flight operations. We work hand-in-hand with your flight department, flight crew and maintenance team to deliver results.

Transparency: Unlike every other aircraft brokerage in the world, Assent only bills our clients for value-add services—no more subjective 1%-10% commissions, or flat rate charges on some preposterous hypothetical standard. Assent delivers through a simple rate structure relative to the value our team adds, with detailed invoicing, and incentives to represent you well on the buy and/or sell side of any transaction.

Deal-Team Approach: Aircraft transactions are highly complex and obscure technical details can quickly derail a quality transaction or result in catastrophe if left unmanaged. Assent delivers certainty for our clients by assembling an internal deal-team blended from of our dedicated aircraft transaction advisory staff, aircraft maintenance staff, technical advisors, flight operations staff, and chief pilot to deliver real-world operational knowledge, precise financial models, and detailed market analysis with a technical overlay to properly market or diligence your aircraft.

Data Driven Strategy: Assent has fifteen plus (15+) years and over thirty-thousand (30,000+) flight hours of data resulting from our experience operating, maintaining, managing and supporting private aircraft from small business jets through executive airliners. Assent leverages that data set to craft aircraft acquisition and disposition strategies that deliver value both in the air and in your financials. 

To request a comprehensive Aircraft Transaction Advisory Proposal please Contact Us.