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ASSENT DELIVERS CERTAINTY in the aircraft acquisition process through Technical Expertise, Transparency, Knowledge, and Data Driven Strategy.

Define and Understand the Mission: One of the ways that we save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in operating costs is by ensuring you own and operate the exact aircraft you need to be as efficient as possible—without sacrificing comfort.

Purchasing an aircraft that does not fit your mission is a multi-million-dollar mistake because you’re spending more than just the sticker price of the plane, you’re also investing money (and time) into hiring and training crew, buying spare parts and support programs, and leasing or purchasing appropriate hangar space relative to runway requirements.

If you are an aspiring or existing aircraft owner or operator and would like to know exactly which plane fits your mission, along with a breakdown of the expenses you will incur to operate the aircraft, please fill out the form below.


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