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Tired of your aircraft sitting on the market?

Create Urgency

68% of all aircraft for sale sit on the market over 6 months. An auction creates a sense of urgency for buyers to submit offers and make bids to compete for your aircraft.

Auctions Work

Auctions have been successful for over 4,000 years. Nearly every luxury industry in the world has a consignment auction except private aviation... until now.

Proven Marketing

We guarantee data driven marketing so you know your aircraft is seen by over 250,000+ aviation professionals, and more importantly, by qualified buyers.


Piston, Turbine, Turboprop, Rotorwing
$ 0-10K
  • Create Urgency
  • Increase Exposure
  • Reserve or Absolute
  • Professional Marketing


Free for Aircraft Owners*
$ 250*
  • Deal Driven
  • Private Showings
  • Transparent Process
  • Enjoyable Buying Experience


VIP Guest Badge
$ 250
  • Exciting Atmosphere
  • Live Asset Purchasing
  • Red Carpet Experience
  • Full Bar + Catering + DJ

How It Works

You consign, we market, buyers compete.

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December 2019 Auction Inventory

How Assent Auctions Work

Marketing That Sells

Your Aircraft Seen

  • Stand out from the rest of the fleet
  • Seen by over 250,000+ aviation professionals
  • Marketed directly to over 20,000+ aircraft owners

Data Driven Reports

  • Know exactly how many people saw your plane
  • Aviation Publications, Web Searches, Email Campaigns, Social... and more!
  • No more guessing or waiting for your phone to ring


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