Selling Your Aircraft with Assent Auctions is Painless and Affordable.

Two Prerequisites for All Auction Aircraft: Assent requires that all consigned aircraft: (i) fly in to the auction site at least three (3) days prior to its auction time to allow buyers ample time to preview the aircraft, and (ii) cross the auction block “topped-off” with fuel so that the aircraft is ready fly to its new home. Download Your Aircraft Consignment Application Here or call 817-888-8227 Ext. 710 to consign your aircraft now.

Three Ways to Sell: Assent offers three consignment choices:

AS-IS-WHERE-IS: As-Is-Where-Is, WITHOUT a Pre-Purchase Inspection or Conformity Check Completed Prior to the Auction.

PPI COMPLETED: Pre-Purchase Inspection / Conformity Check Completed within Thirty (30) Days Prior to the Auction Date.

PPI PENDING: Pre-Purchase Inspection / Conformity Check To-Be-Completed After the Auction Date with a Pre-Determined Amount of Escrow Hold-Back Determined by the Seller.

Two Reserve Options: Assent offers both Reserve and No Reserve Aircraft Consignment Options with auction positions available for all types of aircraft in accordance with Assent’s Auction Entry Rules. Please find specific auction consignment application forms available below to get started, or call 817-888-8227 Ext 710 to speak with a consignment expert today.

Consignment Process Summary

  1. Complete an Auction Consignment Application Request form (available above) for each aircraft you want to sell. Please complete the form and return via email, fax or mail.
  2. Provide payment information (credit card) for each aircraft. Entry and Reserve fees (if applicable) will be charged when an aircraft consignment is accepted.
  3. Upon review of your Consignment Application(s) and receipt of payment, Assent will assign lot numbers, and an Aircraft Consignment Package containing auction contracts and other important information will be emailed to you for review.
  4. Upon receipt, thoroughly review your Aircraft Consignment Package. Sign, initial and return the completed contracts and agreements via email or fax.
  5. Aircraft photos should be emailed to once your lot number has been assigned. Assent recommends the submission of a minimum of ten (10) high quality photos per aircraft. Consult the Aircraft Photography Guidelines document in your consignment package for more details.
  6. We must receive the completed Auction Listing Contract, Auction Selling Contract, and photos four (4) weeks in advance of the auction to qualify for aircraft marketing assistance from Assent.
  7. Consignment positions and lot numbers will not be confirmed until Consignment Application forms and payment are both received.

Auction Process Summary

  1. Arrange for your aircraft to be at the auction site at the specified check-in time and date as listed in your Consignment Package for the auction.
  2. You must visit our on-site auction office upon arrival to complete the check-in process (Aircraft Fuel Authorization from fuel supplier, Signed Auction Listing Contract, and Auction Selling Contracts are required).
  3. When you have completed the aircraft check-in process, Assent personnel will inspect the aircraft registration, airworthiness certificate, and data tag. If true and correct, the aircraft will then be parked in the public static display area.
  4. If you have aircraft documentation and logbooks with you, please visit our on-site auction office. DO NOT leave any original documentation in the aircraft.
  5. Be present when your aircraft is on the auction block. Identify yourself to the auctioneers, Assent auction staff, and bid spotters. An Assent representative will be available during the auction block process to help facilitate the sale of the aircraft.

To request additional information or for questions please Contact Us.