Assent Aeronautics has more than fifteen years and 30,000+ hours of experience operating, maintaining, managing and supporting virtually every kind of private aircraft from small business jets through executive airliners. Our depth of experience, safety culture, and commitment to the pursuit of perfection ensures that we have the expertise to efficiently manage your aircraft.

Owning and operating business aircraft in the 21st Century is prerequisite to achieving your business goals and objectives. While the benefits of aircraft ownership are numerous, safe and cost-effective aircraft management requires significant expertise and experience. Individual aircraft owners often struggle to achieve any economies of scale, ensure operational safety and oversight, and integrate maintenance, flight operations, personnel and financials metrics.

Fundamental Transparency:

Hyper focused on data: financials, metrics, budget, performance & projections, Assent Aeronautics empowers our clients to make data driven decisions for their flight operations just as in their operating businesses. Every Expense. Every Decision. Every Time. Data is Delivered to our Clients providing Fundamental Transparency into their flight operations.

Exceptional Value:

Assent delivers a structured co-operative experience, affording our clients access to the advantages of large scale, world class corporate flight operations. Minimizing your risk and responsibilities of managing day-to-day aircraft operations, while capitalizing on various technological platforms, to deliver a high-touch, data driven, approach to the fundamentals of aircraft ownership.

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